How do I setup Voicemail to email?

Home / Using your online Talkit account

1. Login to your account at

2. Click on "My Account" and your information will populate below

3. Below Line Information, you will see a BLUE button that says "View"

4. Click on "View" and tabs will populate below

5. You will see a tab that says "Voicemail"

6. Click on the tab that says "Voicemail"

7. type in your email address (that you want the voicemails to go to) in the email field

8. Choose the action from the drop down list

* Notify* means you will be notified by email when you have a new voicemail

*Forward* means the voicemail will be forwarded to your email and will not be stored in your Voicemail box

*Copy* means that you will receive the voicemail in both your email and voicemail box

9. Click on "Submit Voicemail to Email Request" to save your settings

Your Done!