How do I power cycle my Arris Modem with a built-in battery

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1. Disconnect the black power cord on the back of the modem, you can also disconnect this by disconnecting it at the power outlet or power strip once this is disconnected

2. Take out the battery first begin by applying pressure to the tab on the bottom and then lifting the cover to reveal the battery.

- sometime the battery will have a little yellow tape that you can use to pull and remove the battery

3. When all the lights are out on the front of the modem including the power and battery, that lets you know that it is completely unplugged.

4. Wait 20 seconds and reconnect the black power cord on the back of the modem.

5. Replace the battery.

- Make sure to listen for the audible click letting you know the battery is in place

6. when the online light is solid that lets you know the modem is ready to go

If you unplug the power from the internet modem and the power light stays on you need to remove the battery

Here is a how to video