How do I use 3-WAY Calling?

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Assuming that person A and B are in a conversation. Now to bring a third person into the call (person C) do the following:

1. you (Person) A presses FLASH (on the analog phone) or HOOK FLASH on older model phones (this is what you use to hang up the phone (you wont hold it down just hit it fairly fast)

2. you (person A) will now hear dial tone.

3. Dial person C phone number.

4. If person C answers the call, then you (person A)presses FLASH or FLASH HOOK to bring Person B and C into the call

5. If Person C doesn't answer then just press FLASH or FLASH HOOK to go back to person B

6. If you (person A) presses FLASH or HOOK FLASH while in conference with B and C then C will be dropped out of the call