How do I purchase long distance and add long distance to my account?

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1. Go to and log into your talkit account with your email address and password

2. Click “view my account”

3. You will see your line information populate

4. you will see BUY LONG DISTANCE, underneath will be blue buttons with $5.00, $10.00, $25.00

5. Click on the dollar amount of long distance you would like to purchase and add to your account

6. On the next screen on the far right side you will see that it says "Your Order" and then details of your order below.

7. Below that you will see checkout, Click on “check out”

8. On the next screen you will see “click to continue” click it

9. Then click “submit order details”

10. Enter your payment information and you are Done!

* your long distance funds are automatically added to your account once you have paid!

Note: you can go to your account and on the top click on “orders” and view your orders!