I cannot receive incoming calls.

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You may need to make sure that the following ports on your router are forwarded to your Talkit.ca device.

Please follow the instructions below for more details.

1. Pick up the phone that is plugged into the Talkit device.

2. Dial "***" and you will be brought to a voice prompt menu.

3. Enter "02" and record the IP Address of your device.

4. The IP Address will be give to you in the following format


5. Preceding zeros on number should not be included in your IP address, so for example:

The correct IP address would be:

6. Forward the following ports on your router to the IP address of the device.

7. The ports on your router that need to be forwarded to the device are as follows:

Ports 5060 - 5061: Both (TCP and UDP)
Ports 6060 - 6061: Both (TCP and UDP)
Ports 13000 - 13001: Both (TCP and UDP)

Please visit www.portforward.com for more detailed instructions on how to forward ports on your exact model of router.'

This can also happen if the SIP service is being blocked, in that case you will need to contact support 1-877-813-4858 ext 1 or support@talkit.ca