How can I use more then 1 phone with my Talkit home phone?

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There are two options to get more then one phone to work with your Talkit phone service.

1. Wireless handsets
this is the easiest and most favored option.

Wireless handsets come in sets of 2-6 and can be purchased at most local department and electronic stores. You can put the base of the one phone into the phone jack in the Talkit device and the others will work without the need of being connected to any phone jacks. The phones can then be placed anywhere throughout your home.

2. The phone jacks in your home
This option can be difficult, time consuming and possibly costly

You can get all of the phone jacks in your home to work with your device. This may require some rewiring of your jacks and/or network interface box. There are videos on the internet and Youtube. However it is recommended that a licensed professional do any rewiring.