How do I change the Time Display on my Talkit phone?

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To fix a time display issue follow the steps below:

Step 1.

a.) Pick up the phone that is plugged into the Talkit device.

b.) Dial "***" and you will be brought to a voice prompt menu.

c.) Enter "02" and record the IP Address of your device.

d.) The IP Address will be give to you in the following format


e.) Preceding zeros on number should not be included in your IP address, so for example:

The correct IP address would be:

Step 2.

a.) Open an internet browser and in the address bar at the top enter the ip address of your device

b.) Log into device with password talkway
Please note if it askes you for a username, the username is user

c.) Go to basic settings

d.) Scroll down to the bottom and choose the correct time zone

e.) Choose daylight savings time if it applies

Save, update and then reboot

That's it!

NOTE: You may need to power cycle your Talkit device and phone

Power cycle: Unplug the power from the device for 20 seconds and plug it back in and wait for it to boot up

You also need to change the time directly from your phone handset as well