My phone is making echoe sounds

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1. turn the volume down on your phone handset a notch or two

2. File sharing programs can suck up a ton of bandwidth and you may be using this when using the phone and not even know it ..
2. You may have a virus, spyware or malware on a computer or device that has access to your internet at the time of you using the phone when quality issue happens.

- To test for the above two issues do the following:
a.)Turn off the power on all devices that are using your internet connection ie; computers, laptops, tablets, gaming systems etc..
Please note: that turning the power off on a screen does not mean it is turned off on the device, computer etc.. that is using the internet
b.) unplug the Ethernet cords connected to your router except the one connected to your Talkit and if you have an internet modem, keep the one connected to the internet modem as well

3. You may be using too much bandwidth for your internet speed

4. You may have the power adapter connected to the talkit plugged into a power bar (if so connect the power adapter directly to the wall)

5. If you have your phone connected to the phone jacks in the wall, instead of directly to the Talkit, there may be another signal interfering with the Talkit signal (connect your phone directly to the Talkit NOT THE wall jacks)