What do I do when I receive my new RMA Talkit device?

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Once you have received your new Talkit RMA device please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Talkit.ca account

Note: If you do not know how to login to your Talkit.ca account please follow the steps outlined here:


2. Click on 'RMAs' at the top of the page

3. On the page, locate the specific device that you are replacing (if more than one exists) and click ‘Complete RMA'.

4. Input the MAC address of the device you received in the mail and click 'Complete RMA'

Note: your MAC address is located on the sticker, on the bottom of your Talkit.ca device

5. All of your account information has been transferred to your new device(s). You may now connect your Talkit.ca device and begin using your replacement.

If needed, please refer to the installation instructions in your box.

** Don't forget to return your old Talkit.ca device back to Talkit.ca headquarters