What are referrals and how do they work?

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A referral is when you refer someone to the Talkit.ca Service. We have a referral program for existing customers to receive discounts on their renewals!!

How it Works:

Due to the new Anti-Spam laws our referral program functioning has changed. Our Apologies for this.

1. You will need to contact us to get your referral code
Contact #: 1-877-813-4858 ext 1

2. You simply give that code to whomever you refer

3. That person enters that code online when they order or if they order over the phone, they simply give it to the representative taking their order

4. After 30 days the customer has had their service activated, your account will automatically be updated with the $5 discount for your referral. On your next year renewal that $5 automatically gets discounted from your renewal cost.