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Features & Benefits

Keep your existing phone number

Talkit Business Phone Solutions allows you to keep your existing phone numbers from your current provider.

Talkit Business Phone Solutions also has the ability to issue new phone numbers in most areas in Canada.

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Call Hunting w/ Rollovers

The rollover or call hunting feature, allows for when someone calls your main telephone number and it is currently busy or in use, the call rolls over (or hunts) for another line in your office to send the call to.

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Features included in all Business Packages:

Multiple Phone Lines

Call Hunting Groups (Rollovers)

Talkit Biz App (Remote Access) - Coming Soon

FREE Canadian Local Number

FREE Long Distance in Canada

FREE Call Waiting

FREE Caller ID

FREE Voicemail

FREE 3-Way Calling

FREE Call Forwarding


KEEP your existing phone number!

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* $19.99/month per lines 3/year Contract or $24.99/mo/1 Year. $149.99 Hardware & Setup Fee.

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