My service works and then stops, I need to unplug the power from the Talkit and plug it back in to get the service working again. How do I fix this?

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Most of the time this happens is due to the router issuing a new IP address to the Talkit device, when this happens the device needs to re-configure and you need to power cycle(unplug the power and plug it back in) for the service configure the firmware.

To stop this from happening you need to enter the device into the Router's DHCP server reservation list.

For information on how to do this please refer to your router manufacturer or router manual.

Add the device to the DHCP Reservation List in your router.

1. Device MAC Address
your MAC address of your device is located on the sticker on the bottom of your device. Example; if your MAC address is it is 000B8228B5A1, then it is usually entered into the router in the following format: 00:0B:82:28:B5:A1

2. You may need the IP address of your Talkit device
to get the IP address of your Talkit device do the following:

a. Pick up the phone that is plugged into the Talkit device.

b. Dial "***" and you will be brought to a voice prompt menu.

c. Enter "02" and record the IP Address of your device.

d. The IP Address will be give to you in the following format


e. Preceding zeros on number should not be included in your IP address, so for example:

The correct IP address would be:

3. Login to your router with the ip address of your router. ***If you do not know how to do this you will need to contact your router manufacturer

4. Once in your router there should be an option that says LAN, within LAN should be an option to “ADD to DHCP Reservation list”

- add your device to the DHCP reservation list.

If you have any trouble with this your router manufacturer can help you to do this!