I am having issues making or receiving calls. What is causing this?

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1. If you can make outgoing calls but cannot receive incoming calls then first you have to determine is if your internet provider also provides phone service because then can be a VoIP service.

2. Your internet provider is probably capable of providing phone service and that phone service may be VoIP, if it is VoIP the SIP ALG may be enabled inside the internet modem. This will conflict with Talkit.ca VoIP service and cause you not to receive your incoming calls.

To fix this,
Contact Support at 1-877-813-4858 ext 1. We will upload the appropriate configuration file for you that will fix the issue

*** Please Note: If you still have your phone service with your other provider then uploading the new configuration file for you that will fix the issue will most likely cause the phone service with that provider to stop working.

Providers with SIP ALG enabled may include but not limited to;

Rogers - Hitron modem